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"Just a little thank you for the massive impact Jas has had on me throughout my time with her; she shows understanding and listens with no judgement.
She offers a different perspective on things which I could not see through the trauma I was going through.

I am forever grateful for her time
Thank you, Jas."


"I couldn’t recommend jas enough. She is amazing at what she does, Jas has listened, advised and believed in me every step of my journey. I couldn’t thank you enough, I can honestly say she’s not just a councillor. Thank you again your amazing at what you do."


"I have completed my 6 sessions of therapy today with Jas. I find it difficult as many do to talk openly and honestly about feelings and life challenges and I also struggle very much with accepting a compliment. When I attended my first session with Jas I instantly took to her and I have lost trust in most people. She is truly one of the most kindest and supportive people I’ve encountered as she shows such compassion. She has a way of listening, never telling you what you should or shouldn’t do but doesn’t ever make you feel like you are a bad person who hasn’t struggled in life. She supports when things haven’t gone to plan and when I’ve been disappointed in myself but always says it can be turned around which gave me huge hope. She genuinely shows she cares when I succeed and that is something you see and she celebrates my changes. She tells me when I'm looking so well and that is so lovely to hear. Jas keeps in touch regularly which again shows how amazing she is. I only wish more sessions through the therapy were available. I will always remember how much she has helped me and would recommend her a million times over. Thank you for helping me turn things around and being such an amazing lady." 


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